Iran plans to build ships with nuclear engines!

nournews reported that by 2041 Iran plans to build nuclear-powered ships.

A post on the website said: “Representatives of the Islamic Consultative Assembly put forward a plan under the slogan (Development of the peaceful uses of nuclear technology).

For its part, government spokesman Ali Bahaduri Jahromi stressed that “the government is very resolute and serious about the development of the nuclear industry in the country and will move it forward faster.”

Bahadri Jahromi said in his statement on Sunday on the sidelines of the meeting of the Coordinating Council of the Information Center of the Executive Power of the country, which took place in the building of the Atomic Energy Organization: The Atomic Energy Organization and the head of the organization about some excellent procedures and achievements that give rise to hope and pride for our native country in the field of atomic energy”

He added: “The focus and priority of activities has been towards the industrialization and economic, medical and medical exploitation of this industry in various fields of agriculture, health care and industry, many of which have been directed towards God, praise God, towards industrialization. .. Thank God, 50 different radioactive preparations are used in 200 medical centers of the country, all of them produced by the Atomic Energy Organization for treatment in various fields.
He indicated that his country is moving towards the localization of reactors and is on the path of membership in the Club of Research Reactor Manufacturers of the World, stating: “This path promises a very bright future for the nuclear industry and other branches and fields of agriculture, medicine and treatment that can use this industry.”