Iran: rioters beat a person with sticks

The Iranian police announced the opening of an investigation into the behavior of some of its members after the release of a video showing them severely beating a person against the backdrop of the protests following the death of the young woman, Mahsa Amini.

Since September 16, Iran has witnessed protests against the backdrop of the death of Amini, 22, after she was arrested by the moral police in Tehran for failing to adhere to the Islamic Republic’s strict dress code. Dozens of people died on the sidelines of the protests, including members of the security forces, and hundreds of others were arrested in movements that included raising slogans against the authorities and what officials consider “riots”.

A video apparently taken from a cell phone broadcast on social media, which shows riot police beating a person lying on the ground, using sticks and kicks. The person tried to cover his head with his hands, while the officers, who wore their protective equipment, including helmets, continued to beat him, while colleagues stood by him without interfering.

In the place, which appeared to be a long alley, there were more than ten motorbikes with riot police on board. In the latter parts she heard what appeared to be the sound of gunfire from afar before the officers walked away in bicycle, leaving the man lying on the ground without moving. Police said “an immediate special order has been issued to investigate the exact date and location of the incident and identify the people involved,” according to a statement released Tuesday evening by the official IRNA news agency.