Iran threatens met ‘harsh response’ to alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria

Iranian militias warned of a “hard reaction” after a song of Syrian and Iranian-backed forces were killed and wounded in An alleged Israeli airstrike in near Palmyra in central Syria on Wednesday evening, the second such an air raid in the past week.

The Syrian State news agency SANA reported that an Israeli airstrike targeted a communications tower and a number of nearby places, killing one Syrian soldier and injured three others. The strike was carried out out of the direction of the al-Tanfi area near the Jordanian and Iraqi borders with Syria, a Syrian military a source told SANA.

around the time of the air raid, the airspace over the Golan Heights was closed to flights until 12:15 pm on Friday

A joint operating room is connected on Thursday morning with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Hezbollah and the Assad regime warned it has decided hard to respond to the air raids after some of officers were killed and wounded in them, according to Hezbollah-affiliated media. It is unclear of in the statement called other victims than die reported by SANA.

The joint operating room emphasized that his mission in Syria is only about help the Syrian state to confront “terrorists” and ISIS.

“For years we have been dealing met Israeli and American attacks enemy in an attempt to drag us go inside side battles that was not a priority for our presence in Syria, and the Zionists’ excuse was that they were targeting accurate and sensitive weapons equipment die posed a threat to their usurping entity,” added the joint statement.

Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem condemned the alleged Israeli airstrikes on Thursday morning too, calling it “blatant aggression and excessive violence”.

Qassem stressed that Israel can only be deterred by confronting it, responding to its attacks and price” for its actions and not allow it the rules of involvement.

The air raid is coming just a week after an alleged Israeli airstrike on the T-4 airport, also in near Palmyra, wounded six Syrian soldiers, according to SANA.

Sentinel Hub satellite images shared on social media showed damage on the runway at T-4 after the air raid.

Before last week-long air raid, the last one accused on Israel in Syria took place in Augustus, focused on the Qalamoun Mountains in near the capital Damascus. Four Syrian burgers were reportedly killed when Syrian air defense rockets fell in a residential area area in the city of qara.

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