Iran training terror groups to control advanced UAVs

Iran trains militias of various countries to operate advanced unmanned aerial; vehicles at Kashan Base, said minister of Defense Benny Gantz Sunday.

gantz, who spoke at the Institute for Counterterrorism Policy at Reichman University in Herzilya, said the Islamic Republic is training militias from Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and Syria at the airbase north of the city of Isfahan and tries to teach them how to make Iranian drones.

Iran has created ‘envoy terrorism’ under the auspices of organized terror armies die help they are economic, political and military goals. Iran tries its knowledge over to make Iraq, Syria and Lebanon possible. Also in the Gaza Strip, to produce advanced UAVs,” he said.

According to Gantz, terror agents of die countries be trained on flying Iranian UAVs on the base “which is the cornerstone” of Iranian Air Terrorism in the region.”

According to Gantz, the Houthis in Yemen and Shia militias in Iraq has dozens of advanced UAVs die they have used against Saudi Arabia of US troops in the region. Over the next few years, hundreds of of these UAVs will in Syria and there are constant attempts to smuggle advanced UAVs into Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iran is also try the over to carry know-how needed for UAV production to terror groups like Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip.

Iranian drones can use a . to achieve range of 1,700 kilometers and their attacks are targeted assets die belong to the United States, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Sunni organizations in Syria and Iraq.

The attacks, including deadly the ones like on the Mercerstraat, have led to an urgent need for a response to Iranian drones. According to a report in hairetz, die problems were central of the recent security meeting between Israel and the United States during visits by both Gantz and IDF chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Koavi.

Iran training terror groups to control advanced UAVs Benny Gantz speaks over Iran at the World Summit on Counterterrorism (credit: ANNA AHRONHEIM)

“Iran invests hundreds of millions of Rials in production and export: of UAVs and weapons. It’s doubled defense budget at the expense of to be burgers. The production of advanced UAVs like the Shahad 136 costs tens of thousands of dollar, imagine how many thousands of vaccines could have been provided to burgers on the cost of a single UAV,” Gantz said.

As for Iran’s nuclear program, he said that Tehran “the agreements die it has signed does not fulfill and that there is no” reason to believe it will honor everyone future agreements.”

According to Gantz, a nuclear Iran lead towards a regional weapon race that would be an existential threat to Israel and the whole world.

The defense minister said the International Atomic Energy Agency’s recent report that: found that Iran has continued to increase production of highly enriched uranium while not resuming full cooperation with nuclear inspectors was the “first time in a decade” that sowed doubt on the citizen nature of Iran’s nuclear program.

“Iran comes the agreements die it has not signed after, and there is no reason to believe it will honor everyone future agreements. The time has come for action. l call on the countries die still be a member of the nuclear agreement to impose the sanctions set out in the agreement. It’s time to take a ‘snapback’,” emphasized Gantz.

    From left to right: Prof. dr.  Boaz Ganor, Benny Gantz, Prof.  Uriel Riechman (credit: ANNA AHRONHEIM) From left to right: Prof. dr. Boaz Ganor, Benny Gantz, Prof. Uriel Riechman (credit: ANNA AHRONHEIM)

“Efforts against Iran, as well as against Afghanistan and others countries, are not just interests for the Middle East of for the West. Proxies can be: set up everywhere in the world. This is the time for all the world’s powers, including Russia and China, to join the campaign preserve global stability.”

“Iran will stay” play chess until we have a checkmate,” he said.

As for developments in Israel in in recent days, Ganz said that security forces will continue to hunt for the last two fugitives who escaped from Gilboa prison last week”met all means and joint forces.”

He said that while Israel “does not intend” to harm the Palestinians and moves in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, “if terrorist organizations try to take advantage” of the situation and action on the backs of most Palestinians who want to continue the trend of economic development and stability – they will first in be charged price.”

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