Iran: We expect Greece to return the entire cargo of confiscated oil

The Iranian ambassador in Greece said its country plans to return the entire cargo of oil confiscated from Athens after a Greek court handed down a ruling that overturned the initial confiscation decision.

“The Greek Court of Appeal will overturn the initial ruling on the confiscation of Iranian oil and return the entire cargo,” Ambassador Ahmed Naderi said on the Iranian embassy account. in Greece via Twitter.

He also added that “the issue will remain on the agenda of intense consultations between the two countries until full implementation of the sentence is confirmed”.

Cancellation of the confiscation order

A Greek court overturned an earlier court ruling passed last April, which allowed the United States to seize part of a shipment of Iranian oil from an Iranian-flagged oil tanker off the coast of Greece.

The court’s final decision has not yet been announced.

The incident sparked an angry reaction from Tehran as Revolutionary Guards seized two Greek oil tankers in the Gulf last month after a warning from Tehran that it would take “punitive measures” against Athens.

It carries Iranian crude oil

Interestingly, on April 19, Greek authorities arrested off the island of Evia (which a few days later changed its name in “Lana”) the Russian oil tanker “Pegas” carrying a load of Iranian crude oil, in implementation of sanctions issued by the European Union against the background of the Russian operation in Ukraine.

This step has happened in implementation of the tightening of US and Western sanctions against Russia, following the launched operation in Ukraine on February 24, on the one hand, and on the other, in in line with the sanctions Washington continues to impose on Tehran, especially on oil, since its unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear deal site in 2018.

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