Iranian and Russian hackers target British journalists and politicians

The UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Center warned on Thursday that Iranian and Russian hackers were “relentlessly” attacking British journalists and political figures to obtain sensitive data.

According to the French news agency, the National Center for Cybersecurity, attached to the British intelligence and security service, highlighted in a release the increase of hacking attempts against some individuals and institutions.

“These campaigns, run by people based in Russia and Iran, continue to relentlessly pursue their goals to steal data online and compromise potentially sensitive systems,” said the Center’s Paul Chichester.

The communiqué referred, in particular, to the two groups: “SEABORGIUM” with headquarters in Russia, and “TE453” (TA453) based in Iran. While the two campaigns are separate, “the two groups use similar techniques and have similar goals.”

In its statement, the center indicated that “the attacks are not targeting the public in general, but rather specific sectors, in particularly academia, advocacy, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, politicians, journalists and activists”.

He explained that hackers “create fake profiles on social network to present themselves as respected experts, and have also used alleged invitations to attend conferences or events”.

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