Iranian IRGC takes foreign tanker in seizure for smuggling diesel | Shipping News:

Revolutionary Guards say the unnamed foreign ship had 150,000 liters on board of diesel.

Tehran, Iran – Commands with the Navy force of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has a foreign tanker in taken into custody in the Persian Gulf for diesel smuggling.

Colonel Ahmad Hajian, the Commander of the Navy Type 412 Zulfiqar in the southern Parsian county in Hormozgan Province, was quoted by the state broadcaster website on Saturday met the announcement that the ship . found illegally transporting 150,000 liters (32,995 gallons) of diesel.

“By means of intelligence monitoring and in a coordinated operation, our navy succeeded in a foreign ship in seize with 11 crew members in the waters of our land,” he said.

the commander added the crew members have been handed over over to the local judiciary for processing, but has the ship, the nationality of the nationalities not mentioned of his crew. It is also unclear when the incident took place.

Hajian vowed to “act decisively” against all attempts to smuggle fuel through the sea in support of Iran’s economy.

Translation: IRGC Marines took a foreign ship met 150,000 litres in seizure of smuggled fuel, along with 11 crew members, in Persian waters.

the Farsi news website, which has close ties met the IRGC, released a dramatic video showing several boats in impounded ship approaching. The naval guards are then shown to: board the ship, which is empty.

The incident comes after Iran captured a Vietnamese-flagged tanker Sothys. in seized in the sea of Oman earlier this month after a confrontation with the US Navy and retained the cargo.

The IRGC said the ship was being used by the US to “steal” Iranian oil, the export of which is banned under unilateral sanctions die have been imposed since 2018. former President Donald Trump abandoned Iran nuclear deal from 2015 with world authorizations. The ship was released days after the incident.

The US refuted Iran’s account of the incident and said it was only there to “monitor” the situation.

The signatories of the nuclear deal will head back to Vienna in November to resume conversations die aim at lifting US sanctions and bringing in Iran back until full compliance with the terms of the agreement.

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