Iranian media: “Mahan Air” suffers a cyber attack without interrupting its flights

Iranian Mahan Air was hit by a cyber attack Sunday morning and the company said the attack was thwarted as hackers claimed to have seized sensitive information linking the airline to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).

According to the Iranian news agency Fars, Mahan Air said such attacks have been launched “many times” against the airline.

“This is considered a normal occurrence and the team Mahan’s cyber security has always acted in smart and timely way to neutralize these attacks, “he said, adding that all flights were in schedule and that the airline would release updates in case of flights were disrupted.

Despite the company’s claims, the hacker group, which goes by the name of “Hooshyarane Vatan”, claimed to have been in able to obtain internal documents, emails and reports from Mahan Air Systems containing indications of the airline’s connections with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. The group also claimed that the company was in able to detect the violation, but it was not in able to stop it, according to the Israeli “Jerusalem Post”.

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