World Iranians mark revolution anniversary amid high tension with US

Iranians mark revolution anniversary amid high tension with US


10s of countless Iranians have actually put into the streets of Tehran and other cities to honor the 41 st anniversary of the Islamic revolution, versus a background of intensifying stress with the United States.

Waving flags of Iran and holding pictures of the creator of the Islamic republic, the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, they assembled on Tehran’s Azadi Square on Tuesday in spite of cold temperature levels.


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“Death to America” and “We will resist until the end”, check out a few of the banners brought by those in the crowd.

Speaking at the rally, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani stated the US discovers it “unbearable” that the Islamic revolution stays in location 41 years after lowering US ally the shah.

“It is unbearable for the United States to accept the victory of a great nation and that a superpower has been driven out of this land,” Rouhani stated

“It is natural for them to have dreamt, for 41 years, of returning to this land, because they know that we are one of the most powerful countries” in the Middle East, he added.

The events mark the day that Shia leader Khomeini returned from exile and toppled the shah’s last federal government.

The state has actually appealed for a strong turnout as a show of uniformity after a year in which Iran has actually been shaken by demonstrations and military stress with the US.

“Securing our country and our region depends on our unity, and participation in this rally is a symbol of this unity,” Hadi Khamenei, the bro of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, stated on state tv.

Iran’s economy has actually been damaged given that US President Donald Trump in 2018 deserted an international nuclear offer and reimposed sanctions and a mentioned campaign of “maximum pressure”.

When Iran raised fuel rates in November, across the country demonstrations appeared and turned violent prior to security forces put them down amid a near-total web blackout.  

When a US drone strike eliminated effective Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad,

Stress with Washington intensified in early January.

Iran struck back by targeting US forces however then unintentionally shot down a Ukrainian airliner, eliminating all 176 individuals on board, in a catastrophe that triggered anger at home and abroad. 

This year’s anniversary likewise comes ahead of vital parliamentary elections in Iran.

The alliance of moderates and reformers that moved Rouhani to power in 2013 is rushing to prevent losing its bulk in the February 21 election.

Rouhani’s federal government has actually come under extreme pressure from conservatives for consenting to the 2015 nuclear offer that has actually unwinded given that Trump’s decision to withdraw from it and reimpose debilitating sanctions.

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