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Iraq 130 international observers in the next elections

The High Independent Electoral Commission in Iraq has announced the presence of 130 international observers in all of Iraq, to ​​monitor the electoral process and provide support and technical advice to the commission.

The Commission added in a statement today, Sunday, and was quoted by media premises, which the Electoral Assistance Office of the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) is working to complete preparations and preparations related to monitoring the electoral process.

The statement also made it clear that the mission’s work duties were expanded to include monitoring the election process, as well as providing technical support and advice to the commission.

The commission announced earlier this month that October 10 would be an inevitable date for elections, noting that this August would be the date for the start of the distribution of biometric voting cards.

Interestingly, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi revealed on July 16 that there are those who fear the results of the early elections. in Iraq, noting that these people are trying to spread despair into the hearts of citizens.

He explained at the time that with will, patience, wisdom and calm, the way to respond to the negative yellow voices who do not want the good of the country and wish to create despair and try to put in discussion and obstruct any conquest achieved by the government.

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