Iraq .. Arrest of 5 terrorists, including leaders, in Sulaymaniyah

A force of the Counter-Terrorism Service in Iraq, in coordination with the Kurdish “Asayish” forces, managed to arrest five terrorists, including leaders, in Sulaymaniyah.

The commander’s spokesperson in head of the Iraqi armed forces, Major General Yahya Rasoul, said in a statement today, Monday, that security forces have arrested 5 terrorists, including 4 leaders of the so-called “Al-Qaqaa” brigade. .

He also made it clear that the operation took place in coordination with “Asayish” in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, as reported by the official Iraqi agency (INA).

Yesterday, Sunday, the Security Media Cell announced the arrest of the killer squad leader in Salah al-Din governorate.

Chasing the remains of ISIS

This happens in coinciding with the Iraqi army’s announcement of the launch of a military operation near Kirkuk to hunt down the remains of ISIS.

The Military Media Cell stated that, “with the support of the Air Force, the Army and the International Coalition, a security operation was launched to search and purify the areas south of the Kirkuk Governorate (the Triangle of Al- Zarka) and the areas located on the borders that separate the Salah al-Din Operations Command and the district of the forward headquarters in Kirkuk ”.

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