Iraq: The fourth round of dialogues with Washington will be die be last

Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein confirmed that die fourth round of dialogues between Iraq and the United States die will be last.

And the minister did in Explanations, die Local media reported that “the meeting of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and US President Joe Biden die will discuss general relations between the two countries, including the omission of a US base in Iraq. “

He added: “The round of dialogue will reach an agreement die Planning to achieve American withdrawal from all Iraqi countries, “remarking,” The Americans are in Iraqi camps present, not Americans, as some say and explain. “

“The camps are Iraqi, not American.”

Hussein said, “The current US administration understands die Situation in Iraq in one way die contradicts the previous government, “and stated that”die Both sides could possibly return to the 2008 agreement after the end of the strategic dialogue round ”.

It is noteworthy that Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein headed a high-level delegation last Monday in the American capital Washington has arrived to initiate strategic dialogue, die fourth stage, to prepare to discuss issues relating to the American withdrawal from Iraq.

The third round of dialogue was completed last April and was described as very successful by both sides at the time die The first round of the strategic dialogue started in June 2020.

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