Iraq: we reject the interference of Iran and Turkey

With the new Iraqi government officially entering its second week of work after appointing new ministers, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein said his country rejects foreign interference in its affairs.

Today, Tuesday, he stressed the rejection of Iranian and Turkish interference in his country, stressing that they are unacceptable. He also added: “We reject Iraq as an arena for regional and international conflict. He said the government wants to continue improving Iraq’s relations with neighboring countries, noting that the country’s message is a message of pace and solidarity to face the challenges “.

As for participation in the Arab summit held today in Algeria indicated that the Iraqi question will be strongly present. He stressed that this summit is a summit that will make decisions that reject interference in Iraq’s affairs.

Regarding the relationship with Saudi Arabia, he stressed that the Kingdom is an important Gulf state and Baghdad’s relationship with it is very important, adding that the government tries to preserve it. Furthermore, he indicated that his country is committed to the strategic agreement with the United States of America, but has differences with Washington regarding its policy with neighboring countries.

Internally, he made it clear that some parties were looking for armed chaos in Iraq. He also stressed that Prime Minister Mohamed Al-Sudani will take further measures to protect diplomatic and governmental institutions. As for relations with Kurdistan, he stressed that before the formation of the government a global agreement was signed, on various files, including the relationship between Erbil and Baghdad. He concluded: “We have decided to solve all the problems of the Kurdistan region, including oil and security issues”.