Iraqi Minister of Youth and Sports: The opening ceremony of Gulf 25 will be wonderful

Baghdad: Iraqi Minister of Youth and Sports Ahmed Al-Mubarqa confirmed that the opening ceremony of the Gulf Arab Football Championship (Gulf 25) in program in Basra will be wonderful and will be presented by a foreign company. Al-Mubarqa also revealed, in statements to the “Al-Ashrah” program, which is shown on Al-Iraqiya News, that: “Your relationship with the president of the Football Federation, Adnan Darjal, is very good”, adding that “someone tries to shuffle the cards and foment quarrels and problems. And he continued: “That there is a rise in the existence of disagreements with men, rumors that seek to disturb the Gulf Cup championship, and we will open a board of investigation for any person who raises sensitivity between the ministry and the Football Federation”. Al-Mubarqa also spoke in his statements, published by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), on Tuesday night on Al-Mina stadium, which is one of the two stadiums hosting the 25th Gulf competitions, saying: ‘The project of Al-Mina Stadium, which is one of the two stadiums hosting the 25 Gulf competitions, saying, Mina’a Stadium focuses on the lighting on the floor without the stands,” and added, “We will try to address the lighting on the audience stands”. He added: “The prime minister is very interested in the Gulf 25 dossier”, explaining that it will be: “There is a special stamp which is considered an entry visa for fans of the countries participating in the tournament”. He continued: “The Cabinet today provided excellent facilities for Gulf fans … and the inspection committee of the Gulf Federation expressed its admiration for Basra.” Regarding the opening ceremony of the tournament, Al-Mubarqa said, “The opening ceremony will be presented by a foreign company and it will be a wonderful show.” For his part, the head of the Iraqi Journalists’ Syndicate, Moayad Al-Lami, said in his statements to the “Al-Ashra” program: “The Minister of Youth, the Governor of Basra and the President of the Football Federation have made a great effort for months to make the Gulf Championship 25 a success. . He added: “The tournament must be successful on every level… A message from me to all media: whoever tries to offend Basra is not like us, and whoever broadcasts a positive situation is like us”. (dpa)