Iraqi Oil Ministry Extends Invitation to Aramco for Collaborating in Akkas Field Development

Iraq Invites Saudi Oil Companies to Participate in Oil Field Development

Talks between Iraq and Saudi Arabia

The Iraqi Oil Ministry has revealed that talks were held between its officials and the Saudi Energy Ministry to discuss inviting Saudi oil and gas companies, including Aramco, to invest and participate in the development of an oil field in Anbar Governorate called Crutch.

Agreement for Common Interests and Bilateral Relations

In a statement received by Agency, the Iraqi Oil Ministry expressed hope for an agreement between the two countries to ensure common interests and strengthen bilateral relations.

Saudi Aramco Studying Cooperation Mechanisms

According to the Iraqi Oil Ministry, Saudi Aramco is currently studying the cooperation mechanisms in regards to the development of the Crutch oil field.

Future Announcement

If an agreement is reached between the two countries, the Iraqi Oil Ministry will announce the terms and mechanisms for the agreement in the near future.