Iraqi prime minister: Arab-Chinese summit in Riyadh is a great economic opportunity for Iraq and the region

Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shayaa al-Sudani said: Iraq’s participation in the Arab-China summit is of particular importance in how much it is an opportunity to share the new economic vision of his government with the Arabs and with the Gulf in particular.

Al-Sudani added, in a press release today, that the Riyadh summit coincides with Iraq going through a difficult political phase, and it is an important and great occasion, adding that the Arab-Chinese summit is an explicit call for economic and investment integration between Iraq and neighboring countries, and that Iraq is eager to cite China’s successful experiences in various fields, the most important of which is the fight against poverty.

The Iraqi prime minister clarified that Iraq will be a region of convergence and integration between East and West, especially as its strategic location gives it the right to play an important and important role.