IRENA Deputy Director-General: Renewable Energy Investments Not Enough to Meet Paris Climate Goals

The Need for Increased Renewable Energy Investments


Gauri Singh, the Deputy Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), recently spoke about the current state of renewable energy investments and their impact on climate change goals.

Insufficient Progress

Despite reaching a record high in renewable energy investments in the past year, Singh notes that it is not enough to achieve the goals set by the Paris climate agreement. He emphasizes that legislative policies and license transactions must be put in place to assist in the implementation of projects.

The Need for Infrastructure

Singh highlights the importance of investing in infrastructure to accommodate the addition of renewable energy, such as building flexible electricity grids. He also notes the necessity to provide climate finance to the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors to increase their resilience.

Overcoming Challenges

Singh acknowledges that the energy transition process will be complex and not without its challenges. In particular, providing necessary funding to countries in development and emerging markets remains a significant obstacle.

Meeting Direct Investing Goals

Singh notes that a gap exists in the amount of funds needed to achieve renewable energy goals. The challenge is not the availability of necessary technologies, but rather providing investment for projects in countries with policies ready to move forward in building renewable energy capacity.


The need for increased renewable energy investments is crucial in meeting climate change goals. Singh’s emphasis on the importance of infrastructure and climate finance highlights the challenges that must be met to achieve a sustainable future.

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