Is America turning to legal immigrants to calm hyperinflation?

The American Chamber of Commerce has called for a doubling of the number of legal immigrants to the United States of America, as a way to reduce inflation and labor shortages.

According to CNN, the chief executive of the American Chamber of Commerce, Susan Clark, said the United States of America needs more workers. He added: “We should welcome people who want to come here, go to school and stay. This is a place in which the government can be particularly helpful and we think it will be anti-inflation. “

He explained that stepping up immigration will help mitigate supply chain disruptions that are at the heart of rising inflation, including a shortage of truck drivers. “If we can alleviate the labor shortage, this may be the quickest thing we can do to affect inflation,” he added.

Clark has vowed to fight what the business group sees as antitrust abuse by politicians and regulators. “We still have leaders who believe the government should step in and impose a heavy hand,” he said.

He cited “contemporary confidence hunters on Capitol Hill from both sides who rate everything as bad” and took “such an aggressive stance” against fear-causing mergers and acquisitions among small and medium-sized businesses hoping to eventually sell theirs. companies. “If bureaucrats and elected officials don’t stop getting in the way, we will,” Clark said.

Meanwhile, Neil Bradley, chief policy officer of the United States Chamber of Commerce, withdrew from the White House’s efforts to place some of the blame on rising inflation on the focus of the market. “Whenever there is a problem in the economy, whether it is an inflation problem or bottlenecks in the supply chain, some in the administration suggest that” the culprit should be that the solution is our pre-existing agenda. ” , he has declared.

Recently, the administration of US President Joe Biden announced an action plan to address rising meat prices by encouraging more competition in the industry, tightening regulations and enforcing potential market abuse.

“We haven’t had a sudden surge in attention in our supply chains that in somehow it caused bottlenecks, “Bradley said.” When the administration focuses on antitrust or the Federal Trade Commission as a solution, they are really missing out on the biggest problem they have to work on. about her”.

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