Is Final Fantasy 16’s Future in Jeopardy? Discover the Uncertainty Surrounding the Game

The Debate over DLCs for Final Fantasy XVI

DLCs ​​for Final Fantasy XVI?

A month before its release, Final Fantasy XVI has again been approached by the press and content creators. As part of this second media turn, the developers of the title have once again lent themselves to the exercise of interviews, which allows us to learn a little more about the next numbered episode of the saga Square Enix flagship. It is in this context that the media spoke with Hiroshi Takai, the director of FF 16, and Naoki Yoshida, son producer. Journalist Wesley LeBlanc then asks the developers if any DLC is planned at the momentand here are their responses:

It’s a game unique. We’re asking players to pay full price for this experience, and so we want the experience to be worth the money players are going to pay and to experience satisfaction equal to what they paid for, see more.

A different trajectory from FF XV

For now, no additional content is planned for Final Fantasy XVI. However, in son article, journalist Wesley LeBlanc reports on son impression that the Creative Business Unit III, in charge of the project, would be ready to return through a DLC, or even an extension like for Final Fantasy XIV which is developed by the same division. He further notes that the last games of the franchise, Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake, were entitled to DLCwhich would be a clue to assume that Final Fantasy 16 may receive additional content in the future.

However, it should be emphasized that FF 16 tries to stand out from previous episodes of the series on many points. First of all, on learned that the title would not need patch Day One at son launch, which counterbalances with the state technique complicated in which FFXV was released. And then, as Naoki Yoshida said, the game wants to stand on its ownlike the first opuses, without DLC or cross-media productions to develop son universe. It’s exactly the opposite of FF 15 which was entitled to a computer-generated image film, Kingslaive, an anime, Brotherhood, five DLCs and other mobile games around. In this regard, Hiroshi Takai, the director of the game, has clearly indicated thatno plan was planned to create content to develop the universe of FF XVI. For all these reasons, Final Fantasy 16 could mark the beginning and the end of the world of Valisthéa if the players do not ask for more. Answer on June 22!