Is Ghost of Tsushima Coming to PC Soon? Latest Rumors Suggest Announcement Next Week

Rumors suggest that a PC version of Ghost of Tsushima could be announced next week. Xbox Era’s Nick Baker, known for accurately predicting Sony’s State of Play presentations, hinted that news about the highly anticipated port might drop as early as Tuesday, March 5th.

Ghost of Tsushima, originally released in 2020 for PlayStation 4 and later upgraded with a director’s cut for PlayStation 5, has long been expected to make its way to PC like many other Sony first-party titles.

Sony’s PC gaming catalog has been growing steadily since branching out from its exclusive console releases. Although not all PC releases have seen significant success, recent hits like Helldivers 2 have shown the potential for cross-platform popularity.

Aside from gaming, Ghost of Tsushima’s legacy extends to the big screen with a film adaptation in the works at Sony. The game’s impact even reached the real world, with the community coming together to raise funds for a shrine on the actual island of Tsushima.

With Ghost of Tsushima’s PC port potentially on the horizon, fans eagerly await official confirmation from Sony. Stay tuned for more updates!

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