Is Henry Cavill Set to Be the Next James Bond Villain?

A lot of leading men like to play the good guys, but one of Hollywood’s most famous top men may be playing the bad guy in a movie about the most famous secret agent in the world. Sources we know and trust say Henry Cavill is in talks to play a bad guy in the next James Bond movie. We don’t see the villain’s name, but based on the rest of the series, it’s likely to be something very European and weird, like Dr. Ernst von MaliceFace.

Even though Henry Cavill is best known for playing Superman in Man of Steel and other movies and Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher, he has already shown he could be a great James Bond villain. In the 2018 movie Mission: Impossible — Fallout, Cavill’s character August Walker gave Tom Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt the fight of his life with his “reloading” fists. As a Bond villain, though, he might be expected to do more things like tie heroes to tables with buzzsaws built into them, drop them into tanks with cybernetic piranhas, or something along those lines.

This news confirms that the star of Enola Holmes is no longer in the running to play 007. This is the case unless Henry Cavill plays both James Bond and the secret agent’s evil twin. Cavill has been considered one of the top choices to replace Daniel Craig for a long time. However, while Mike Myers can play both the hero and the villain in his Austin Powers movies, it wouldn’t make sense for Cavill or anyone else to do that in the Bond franchise.

We thought Henry Cavill might be officially turned down for the role of James Bond a month ago when we heard that Cavill was working on another spy thriller with Matthew Vaughn, the director of Apple Studios’ upcoming Argylle. Since Cavill would be playing a secret agent in both Argylle and the film that hasn’t been announced yet, this might mean he couldn’t be Bond or, at the very least, hurt his chances.

Even so, it makes sense that Henry Cavill would want to join the James Bond story or another popular franchise. Cavill regained and lost the role of Superman in a short time, right around the same time he left Netflix’s The Witcher for good. There are still different stories about why Cavill won’t be playing Geralt of Rivia anymore. For example, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich put the star in a bad light when she told Vulture that Cavill was “annoying” when he first tried to get the role.

Henry Cavill won’t be fighting monsters on The Witcher anymore, but his future in the James Bond series could be bright, though our sources say he won’t be playing the good guy. He will, however, play the main secret agent in the movie Argylle, which will be shown for the first time on Apple TV+ later this year