Is NameDrop Dangerous? How to Disable the Feature on iOS 17 and iPhone 15

iOS 17 and NameDrop: The Good and the Concerns


iOS 17 is now available for download on compatible phones, and the iPhone 15 series has been on shelves for a few weeks. Apple fans have eagerly explored the new features brought by these latest upgrades. While some features are incredibly helpful or fun to use, there are others that are, well, not so great.

The Split Opinions on NameDrop

One such feature that has divided Apple fans is NameDrop. Some fans appreciate the convenience of being able to easily share their contact information by simply raising their phone. However, others are concerned about the ease with which their contact information can be shared or potentially stolen.

On X (formerly Twitter), users have expressed concerns about the implications of this feature on their safety. For example, several women have raised concerns about avoiding uncomfortable encounters in public spaces. @ChanSteele tweeted, “How do you NameDrop a fake number? Asking for all women.”

These concerns regarding safety are justified, and if you find yourself worried and wanting to disable NameDrop, here are your options for managing it.

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Is NameDrop Dangerous?

The good news is that NameDrop itself is not inherently dangerous. According to Apple, you have the ability to choose which pieces of your information are shared when you NameDrop your contact to someone else.

Furthermore, when two iPhones are placed together and the option for NameDrop appears, you only have two choices. You can either select “Receive Only,” meaning you will only receive their contact information, or you can choose “Share.” By selecting “Share,” you both send and receive contact information.

So, even if you accidentally NameDrop with someone you didn’t intend to, you still have options. You can selectively decide which information to share or opt to only receive their information.

However, if you still feel uneasy about NameDrop, you can disable the feature. It’s important to note that NameDrop is automatically enabled when you download iOS 17 or purchase an iPhone 15. Therefore, you will have to turn it off if you want to deactivate it on your phone.

How to Disable NameDrop

If you want to permanently disable NameDrop, you’re in luck because the process is quite simple.

To disable NameDrop, follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Tap on General.

3. Navigate to the AirDrop tab.

4. Once in the AirDrop tab, simply toggle the Bring Devices Together option off.

That’s all it takes to disable NameDrop. If you have a change of heart and decide that you are comfortable with NameDrop and want to enable it again, simply toggle the Bring Devices Together option back on.

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