Is Playstation Turning Its Back on Fans? Controversial Game Service Shift Leaves Some Disappointed

Sony’s Embrace of Live Service Games: A Turning Point in the Company’s Strategy


“Phase 2” is underway

Sony has been talking about son interest in service games (or Gaas), these titles often multiplayer, free-to-play or paying, whose content expands over time in order to arouse the player’s interest over the long term. Their economic model is mainly based on the monetization of various and varied elements, regularly renewed over the course of updates. Sony has clearly noted the decline recorded in the purchase of games (- 10%), unlike the explosion of ingame purchases (+ 210%), when theon compares PS4 and PS5 over a comparable period. These sources of income are the envy of the giants, and the Japanese behemoth intends to participate in the celebration.

During the Business Segment Meeting 2023, Jim Ryan insisted that the Japanese company would rely heavily on Live Service in the years to come. As we explained yesterday, while the Live Service represented only 12% of investments in fiscal year 2019, it will represent 60% of investments in fiscal year 2025 (compared to 40% for traditional games). A clear development which can even be considered as a real turning point in the manufacturer’s policy. The famous “Stage 2” initiated, in a way, by the takeover of Bungie last year.

PlayStation Showcase: be careful, one Gaas can hide another

The PlayStation Showcase 2023 immediately displayed this new face of Sony by opening on Fairgame$, Haven’s multiplayer service gameTHE studio of Jade Raymond bought by the manufacturer in March 2022. The app is a multiplayer heist game that is reminiscent of some points Hyenas from SEGA. The less thanon can say is that the CGI trailer unveiled did not thrill the crowds.

On , the comments are acerbic: “a slap in the face fans by Playstation”, “on looks like Redfall”, “the game is already dead“, or “I did not expect this from a studio playstation, on looks like a normal Ubisoft game”. Whether in the comments, on the forums, or on social networks, Fairgame$ does not seem to have convinced grand world. In addition, co-op/pvp multiplayer action games were well represented at the PlayStation Showcase with Helldivers 2, Foamstars, Granblue Fantasy: Relink, Concord, Marathon and Destiny 2. What raise the hairs of some fans from the Japanese brand, often accustomed to discovering single-player narrative action-adventure games that drop your jaw.

A risky policy that can pay off big… or hurt

As Jim Ryan officially explained recently, Sony will invest in Live Service, new IPs, PC ports, Cloud and mobile to develop the business playstation. A risky bet for the manufacturer who still has everything to prove in terms of service games, the Cloud and the mobilewhile later PC ports of PlayStation titles have done face to disappointments. It remains to be seen whether the fans emblematic of the manufacturer will accompany Jim Ryan’s strategy with a smile.

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