Is Psychonauts 3 Confirmed? Decoding the Mysterious Xbox Tweet and Fans’ Reactions

The Mystery of “Psycho XXX” on Xbox Twitter Account

Psycho… quack?

Never two without three? Psychonauts is in the spotlight since the Australian Xbox Twitter account posted a funny message. The image contains purple and green letters in a 3×3 grid. Putting the letters back in order gives “PSYCHO XXX“. The image is accompanied by the following text “WHAT DOES IT MEAN? No, please, seriously, can someone help us?“.

It was enough for the fans of Double Fine to see here the confirmation of a Psychonauts 3, which is however not the case here. In the replies to the post, we can actually read comments such as “Psychonauts 3. Can’t wait to be there“, “Psychonauts? I don’t think my brain is going to take it!“, or “Psychonauts 3?! I know Xbox Australia won’t betray my trust, huh?“. After simmering players for almost two days, the account finally responds to its own message: “the joke is Psycho-noughts and crosses…” which could (hardly) translate as “the joke is Psycho-crab” (noughts and crosses meaning the game of noughts and crosses). Move along, there is nothing left to see!

In all brains

It’s only fitting that players are already anxiously waiting to get their hands on a Raz adventure: Psychonauts 2 was an excellent game. In our test, we said that despite old-school mechanics in its 3D platformer aspect, Double Fine’s game was definitely modern, enjoyable, funny, ultra-creative, rhythmic, and more precise than ever in its gameplay. We explained that the adventure was both breathtaking, hilarious, and touching, set in a refreshing universe.

Last February, the studio published a documentary in several episodes returning to the eventful development of the software. Today, we know that Double Fine is working on at least one new project, but it hasn’t been announced yet. Last year, Lisette Titre-Montgomery, the game’s art director, announced that Psychonauts 2 had become Double Fine’s highest-rated and best-selling title..

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