Is this the revival of Saudi football or just a boom?

Yesterday Saudi Hilal crowned the AFC Champions League for the fourth time in its history, and the Saudi team topped the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers with five wins and a draw in Sydney against Australia. -create history and achieve more continental and international milestones at the level of club and teams that have acquired over time the culture of getting on the podium after great suffering with failures, while possessing all the material, human and technical elements of success that make it a distinct and ever superior ball, offers high levels, delights its adoring fans and promises a promising future that will lead to further development of a mass sport that creates joy, joy and fun. in seven seasons, and it was the product of a local league that is currently the strongest, the best and the most exciting Arab and Asian, which gave the club the maximum The return is a force in more in continental competitions, giving players, coaches and even administrators greater confidence in facing big matches, despite the unique media and public pressures in popular, sometimes fanatical circles, in which the ball is an important and irreplaceable outlet, and a source of happiness, pride and self-fulfillment at the local and continental and international levels, like many Arab peoples who love football and their club and national teams in light of lack of entertainment and decline in which are floundering many areas of life This has not stopped him from overthrowing Japan and imposing a draw on Australia in Sydney and scoring five wins out of six games in the race to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar for the sixth time in its history, which will be an important factor in the success of the tournament and increase the mass turnout for fans of the Saudi team and world football given the popularity of the game in a country that grew up In it, the younger generations love world football skills and love theirs club and team, having overcome the principle of trying to participate in the pursuit of brilliance in a participant International efforts and the achievement of championships, where the presence of Saudi Arabia at the Qatar wedding adds a special flavor, in which Al-Akhdar finds great support from his fans and all the Arab supporters who are preparing to participate in the first international Arab wedding of In the Arab Cup 2021 in Doha, the French coach Herve Renard has not decided to participate in the team of reserve to preserve the health and fitness of its players, as it justified its decision, and in an attempt to give young players the opportunity to reveal their skills and their right to enter in first team, in one moment in which others were considered followers Participation in first team would have given him further confidence and would have been a propitious opportunity to prepare for the continuation of the qualifying campaign for the World Cup, without losing sight of his great chances of winning the title for the third time in the history of Saudi football after 1998 and 2002, and confirming its Arab and Asian strength and its true international position. Hilal in AFC Champions League, and the participation and crowning of the Saudi team in the 2021 Arabian Cup would have given a strong moral boost to the first team in the remainder of the World Cup qualifiers. 2022, and help Al Hilal shine in the FIFA Club World Cup in program in the Emirates at the beginning of next year, and enriches the balance of Saudi football with titles, and then allows him to invest in football awakening for the longest possible period, benefit from its repercussions on all teams and on all sports, and avoid the decline that happens to Arab football, after every shine due to the arrogance that affects its players, managers, media and fans. Algerian journalist

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