Isaiah Thomas defends fan fight, hopes for NBA support

Wizards guard Isaiah Thomas wants the NBA to take his side after Thomas entered the stand on Saturday in Philadelphia to respond directly to a fan Thomas said beat him away and curse him.

Thomas believes the league should support him after he entered the stands at the Wells Fargo Center during a fourth time to talk to the spectator. Thomas said his fan said he was upset Thomas cost him free Wrosty’s Frosty by making one of two free throws. If Thomas had lost both attempts, it would have been frozen treats for everyone as part of a Sixers sponsor promotion.

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Thomas said he was not buying the fan “I just wanted a Frosty” explanation because, according to Thomas, the fan shouted, “F-you, bitch!” three times after creation.

“I know the league is going to investigate, I’m going to tell them the same things (he told reporters after the game), so if you’re for the players, I feel like you’re going to get me back because I did nothing without respect,” Thomas said.

(WARNING: Indecent language in the video below.)

Thomas was removed from the game after officials examined the video of the exchange. The fan and a companion were thrown out of the arena after Thomas showed them to security personnel.

Thomas said the fan’s pride was the worst thing he had heard directing him during his NBA career.

“Look at my heart, put your middle fingers up and say it three times?” Like you, that means you didn’t just want a Frosty, “Thomas said.

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