Ishant Sharma is sewn on his right hand

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New Delhi, June 24th: Ishant Sharma suffered the wound on his bowling hand required several stitches, however die senior Speedster should recover before the five test series against England, from August 4th.

The senior Pacemaker stopped die injury while I try to stop drive off his own bowling in the new zealand second innings during the World Test Championship Final, which India lost at eight wickets. He was taken immediately off the field when he was bleeding profusely.

“Ishant has had several stitches on his middle and fourth fingers in his right hand. However, it is not very serious “, a senior BCCI official said PTI on conditions of Anonymity.

“The stitches will be off in about 10 days and with six Weeks left for the first exam against England, he should recover in Time.”

The Indian team on Thursday traveled from Southampton to London and will now disperse for three weeks.

“The troop traveled to London together. They can all go from here for their respective goals in Great Britain for a 20-day break “, die official said.

With most of them players Have acquaintances in and around London they are expected to be in just die British capital.

“Something of they are tennis fans and if Wimbledon allows Viewer, you could see her go for something of the show dish matches. A couple might check out if cards for the Euro games are at Wembley Stadium available“Said die Source.

You will all sit down together in London on July 14th and then travel to Nottingham, where die first Test is being played.

history first published: Thursday, June 24, 2021 11:01 PM [IST]

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