ISIS-inspired attack: 6 stabbed in New Zeland

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Friday that a “terrorist” stabbed six people in an Auckland supermarket before he was killed by the police, in an apparent attack inspired by the Islamic State.

He also added, as reported by the Agence France-Presse: “What happened today is indescribable, it was an act of hatred”, explaining that the attacker was a citizen of Sri Lanka who arrived. in New Zealand in 2011. “His ideas and ideology were inspired by the terrorist organization, but the operation did not happen at the behest of the organization, but rather.” prime information is that it is a lone wolf “.

hate crimes

Furthermore, in his speech he stressed that what happened today is a hate crime, saying: “What happened is an aberrant and reprehensible matter. It has nothing to do with religion, culture or race. but rather an individual governed by an ideology that is not supported in our country by any person or society “.

While I media locals circulated video clips from the heart of the supermarket, numerous civilians and policemen were seen, while the sound of gunshots could be heard.

In turn, the police announced that a man has entered in a supermarket in New Lin and injured several people, but the police chased him and shot him, and he died instantly.

Interestingly, New Zealand witnessed one of the worst attacks ever in 2019, after a young Australian killed 51 Muslim faithful by shooting indiscriminately. in two different mosques at the time in Christchurch, in a crime that has shaken the country and the world.

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