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ISIS Takes Credit for Explosion in Balkh Province, Afghanistan

Today, Sunday, ISIS announced, via its Telegram account, that it was responsible for an explosion that occurred on Saturday in Balkh province, in Afghanistan.

The explosion occurred on Saturday in a cultural center during an event for journalists in northern Afghanistan, killing at least one person and wounding eight others, according to authorities and journalists.

The explosion occurred just two days after the death of the governor of the region, in an explosion also claimed by the organization.

Among the dead was a security guard, while five Afghan journalists and three children were injured. A local journalist, Atif Arian, who was wounded in the ear, explained that after a speech by a senior Taliban official, the children sang l ‘national anthem’. when I heard a loud bang’.

Hitting reporters

Attacks on Afghan journalists were consistently targeted before the Taliban took over in August 2021. ISIS has claimed responsibility for many of these attacks.

Taliban authorities are investigating an explosion that killed the provincial governor and two others in his office on Thursday.

A powerful explosion occurred in Mazar-i-Sharif, the capital of Balkh province in northern Afghanistan, a few days ago, hitting the provincial governor’s administration building, causing numerous deaths and injuries. At the time, the police confirmed the killing of the governor of Balkh province in the Taliban, Daoud Muzammil.

Later on Thursday, ISIS claimed responsibility for the suicide attack that killed the Taliban-appointed governor of Afghanistan’s Balkh province.


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