Islamic Cooperation deeply regrets the episodes of tribal violence in Darfur

The General Secretariat of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation expressed deep regret for the recent incidents of tribal violence which occurred inarea Karinak, West Darfur, which caused the deaths of many innocent civilians.

The General Secretariat called on all parties to show restraint and to take dialogue as a means of resolving all problems that arise among population groups, since Darfur is known for its people of wisdom, tolerance and respect. for the other.

The General Secretariat expressed its deepest condolences to the families and families of the victims who fell during these recent bloody events, expressing the hope that the Sudanese parties will join the Agreement of pace of Juba and related security provisions that restore security and stability to Sudan and its people.

The General Secretariat expressed confidence that the Sudanese will be in able to solve their problems through dialogue and the implementation of the Sudanese National Plan for the Protection of Civilians.