“Islamic Cooperation” participates in the International Conference on media and communication for development in Morocco

The General Secretariat of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation participated today in the work of the International Conference on media and the communication for development “Roles in the service of development”, organized by the University of Sidi Mohamed bin Abdullah in Fez, in collaboration with the International Academy for the development of media and communication, in Ifrane, Kingdom of Morocco.

The General Secretariat was represented at the conference by the Director of the Information Department of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, Wajdi Ali Sindi, who presented a working document entitled “The role of information centers of international organizations in serving humanitarian work for development … Organization of Islamic Cooperation as a Model “, where he highlighted the role played by the Organization for Islamic Cooperation as” universal voice of the Islamic world “, and the second international organization after the United Nations, in communicating the problems and aspirations of Islamic peoples and the event in all parts of the world, through various media traditional and contemporary.

Sindi pointed out that the departments of the media in international organizations play a leading role in the early warning of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, war-affected people and others, which allows for a rapid response by humanitarian and relief organizations, emphasizing that development work humanitarian is closely related to advertising on mediathe partnership of the two sides is important to highlight the suffering of weak and fragile groups who suffer difficult circumstances that need to be known and mobilize energy and resources to help them.

The Director of the Media Department also touched on the media strategy of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation for the period 2016-2025, underlining that it constitutes a compass that sets objectives to achieve the objectives of the media work at the level of the member states of the Organization. “, as well as presenting the issues of the Islamic nation in various fields and encourage investment in cadres. People who work in the field of media.