Israel .. Additional prison sentences for 6 prisoners escaped from Gilboa prison

A Palestinian human rights body announced today Sunday that an Israeli court sentenced six Palestinian detainees who managed to escape from Gilboa maximum security prison last September, before arresting them again, with an additional five years in prison. plus a five-year fine Thousands of Shekels ($ 1,488).

The Family Affairs and Editors Authority of the Palestine Liberation Organization added in a statement that the same court sentenced five other inmates to four years in prison and a NIS 2,000 fine for helping the six inmates escape.

The court session was held in Nazareth, in Israel.

life sentence

Additionally, video footage showed five of the six inmates in prison uniform inside the courtroom, while the sixth wore normal clothes.

The Prisoners’ Club also made it clear that four of the six inmates who managed to escape prior to their arrest are sentenced to life in prison.

The club he added in a statement regarding the six detainees that “prisoner Mahmoud Abdullah Ardah (46), from Araba / Jenin, has been in custody since 1996, and is sentenced to life in prison”.

It also clarified that inmate Muhammad Qassem Arida (39), from Arraba, has been detained since 2002, and has been sentenced to life in prison, and prisoner Yaqoub Mahmoud Qadri (49), from Bir Al-Basha, has been detained ever since. 2003 and is sentenced to life imprisonment.

The club he also stated that “the prisoner, Ayham Nayef Kammaji (35), has been detained since 2006 and has been sentenced to life in prison, and prisoner Zakaria Al-Zubaidi (46), from Jenin camp, has been detained since 2019” and is still on trial.

The club added in his statement: “Prisoner Munadal Yaqoub Infaat (26), from the city of Ya ‘bad in Jenin, has been detained since 2019 “.

10 months

According to the inmates’ previous statements, the tunnel excavation process lasted about ten months. Israel arrested the six inmates who managed to escape from the heavily fortified prison.

Regarding the detainees accused of having contributed to the escape, the club clarified that only one of them was sentenced to life in prison and fifty years, while the other four are on trial.

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The Israeli government said at the time that four of the fugitives were arrested after citizens were informed of their whereabouts.

The other two were also arrested after a house in they fled to Jenin was surrounded and surrendered.

“Tunnel of Freedom”

It is noteworthy that the escape process puts in Israel embarrassment: prisoners escaped from the heavily guarded Gilboa prison in northern Israel through a new tunnel under a sink in a bathroom that led the fugitives out of prison.

Then the Israeli authorities conducted a large-scale manhunt in Israel is in the occupied West Bank, the birthplace of the fugitives, and the army deployed reinforcements for several days before arresting the youth, whom the Palestinians regarded as heroes.

It is interesting to note that the escape of the six inmates was known as the “Freedom Tunnel” operation, where the length of the tunnel dug by the prisoners to exit reached tens of meters and the tunnel opening was discovered a few meters outside the prison. walls.

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