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Israel arrests 3 Palestinians for belonging to the “lion’s pit”

The Israeli army announced Wednesday the arrest of 3 Palestinians on charges of belonging to the “Laden” group of the Lions “recently announced in the occupied West Bank, including the brother of a prominent Palestinian activist who was killed about two months ago.

The army arrested the day after the killing of 5 Palestinians in a military operation in the city of Nablus (north), Muhammad al-Nabulsi, brother of the former activist of the group, Ibrahim al-Nabulsi, killed by Israel last August.

The Israeli army claimed to have arrested two other suspects of being active in the group.

For its part, the Palestine Prisoners Club confirmed in a statement that 20 Palestinians were arrested last night from different parts of the West Bank.

The army added, in a statement, of “being suspected of possessing weapons, manufacturing explosive devices and of being involved in the Areen Al-Aswad group”.

The leader of the group, Ibrahim al-Nabulsi, nicknamed “The Lion of Nablus”, was killed in August. in an Israeli forces operation, and Nabulsi became a symbol of a large segment of Palestinians who composed songs in his name and sang them every hour and broadcast them through loudspeakers.

Young fighters who belonged to various factions such as Fatah, Islamic Jihad or Hamas long ago formed the “Black Lair” group, whose popularity spread rapidly through encrypted Telegram messages in the occupied Palestinian territories, where they are followed by over 220 a thousand people.

At dawn on Tuesday, the Israeli army killed Wadih al-Houh, 31, and four other people in Nablus.

Al-Houh was a prominent leader in the “Lion’s Den” group, which he accused of being involved in attacks against it. On 11 October, the group claimed responsibility for an attack that killed an Israeli soldier, preceded by a separate attack in which a policewoman was killed in occupied East Jerusalem.

In the Israeli military operation, 20 Palestinians were injured, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

About two weeks ago, the Israeli military imposed the closure of the city of Nablus, which severely hampered the lives of its residents, which they described as a “siege”.

According to an AFP tally, 25 Palestinians and two Israeli soldiers have been killed so far this month.

Tensions have increased in recent months in the northern occupied West Bank, in particularly in the areas of Nablus and Jenin, strongholds of the Palestinian armed factions, where Israeli forces have intensified their raids in following the deadly attacks on Israelis in March and April.

UN figures indicate that more than 100 Palestinians have been killed, the largest number of victims in West Bank in almost 7 years.

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