Israel attacks Qatar and protests against ‘FIFA’ after failure of normalization at the World Cup.. and ‘National Security’ discusses travel warnings

Gaza – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: after the failure of all Israel’s attempts to score a goal at the Qatar 2022 World Cup, through breakthroughs in the field of normalization, Palestine has registered a notable presence there, both in the stands of encouragement , or on the streets of Qatar, and Arab fans deliberately cheered for Palestine and denounced it. Dealing in front of the cameras of the Jewish channels that traveled there for coverage, Israel lodged a protest with the authorities in Doha and the International Football Federation “FIFA”, and despite the good progress of things there, in terms of security and organisation, it seemed to suggest the possibility of attacks against his fans. Israeli reports have revealed that Israeli diplomatic staff from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, currently temporarily residing in Qatar, in order to follow the Israeli fans who flock there, to watch matches like the rest of the world’s population, has submitted to the Qatari authorities, and also to FIFA, a protest against Qatar’s dealings with Israeli crews. This came after correspondents of Israeli TV channels and Israeli fans who traveled to Doha spoke about their experience with Qatari nationals, who refused to deal with them after knowing their nationality, including those who indicated that food was not served to them in restaurants, and others were ejected from taxis. And the Israeli channel “i24news” said that the message that reached the Qataris was that the responsibility for what happened and what will happen in the Gulf state rests with them, and that Israeli expectations expected that film crews media they could have worked with total freedom of the press, and for the fans who came to watch the matches to move in safety. . And he added: “After the photos and videos that have arrived from Qatar in recent days, extensive discussions have taken place in the National Security Council on the question of whether it is necessary to tighten the instructions for the Israelis in Qatar, or if it were the case of changing the travel warning. It seemed that the protest message was only aimed at disturbing the strong organization of the State of Qatar for this global event, especially as previous footage broadcast on media Israeli correspondents showed Israeli correspondents inserting themselves into the Arab masses, trying to work to interview them in unprofessional way. One of the correspondents appeared speaking to Arab fans, informing them that he was Israeli, and as they fled the venue, he began shouting on the spot, “Israel is a fait accompli,” which prompted one of the fans to reply to him, “What there is in Israel… there is Palestine”. The fans also cheered for Palestine, but there was no contact with these teams, as Israel claims. The video, broadcast by the media Israelis, showed the correspondents’ attempt to make progress in the field of normalization, speaking to Arab fans, but these attempts failed to score any of their goals during the World Cup. On the other hand, the flags of Palestine have appeared in most of the matches that have taken place in the state of Qatar so far, and many fans have been observed wearing the Palestinian keffiyeh. This takes place against the backdrop of recording a number of rude incidents with Israeli fans, and also exposing Israeli journalists who have come to cover matches to a number of situations, during which they have been verbally attacked and treated in aggressively by fans, Qatari citizens and residents, stadium workers and others. Against this background, the Jewish “Channel 13” quoted a political source who said that in the case in that the Israeli approach to Qatar has not helped and has not improved the relationship with the remaining Israelis, then Israel must inform Qatar and explain its responsibility to it in matter. This has happened in one moment in which the Israeli report revealed that the National Security Council in Tel Aviv has held continuous discussions in recent days after the video clips arrived from Qatar on relations with the Israelis. change the level of warning. Channel 13 reported that the alert level is now 3 out of a total of 4 levels, adding: “Discussions on this issue will take place in continuously and continuously during the days of the World Cup”. The channel said that during the first week of the FIFA World Cup matches that were held in Qatar, “there have been several unpleasant incidents for Israeli fans”. And he continued: “Even the Israeli journalists who were sent by various news outlets to cover the World Cup matches, were involved in many accidents in to whom they have been verbally attacked, e in others have been treated with hostility and aggression by Qatari fans, citizens and residents, stadium workers and others.” . However, the Jewish channel ignored the actions of Israeli journalists, who deliberately spoke to Arab fans, despite the fans’ refusal to speak to them.