Israel: determined to protect our interests

Hours after the attack on an Iranian ship in the Red Sea and after Tehran first approved the attack, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz stressed die His country’s determination to protect its security interests.

In a media statement, the Israeli minister responded to a report by the American “New York Times” which revealed that Tel Aviv was about to Washington die Execution of the attack and that Israel would continue to act wherever asked to. without taking on or referring to the targeting.

The minister added during a visit to a battery of the Iron Dome system on Wednesday that Israel must continue to defend itself, stressing that it is die The alert will not be lowered at any point in time, but will continue to act where it sees a problem or a need for itself.

Not recognized!

Gantz also refrained from directly recognizing that Israel was behind the attack on the Iranian ship, stating that he was in his declaration did not refer to any concrete steps taken by his country.

This development came hours after an American official asked for anonymity bat, told the New York Times that Israel had informed Washington that its forces had attacked the ship in the Red Sea in retaliation for previous Iranian attacks on Israeli ships.

He added that die Israelis are believed to have delayed the attack on the Iranian ship to give the U.S. aircraft carrier Dwight Eisenhower time to clear the area and that Eisenhower was about 200 miles away when the ship was hit at sea.

An Israeli commando acted

Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath reported that the Iranian ship was hit after sources reported that an Israeli commando had attached a magnetic device to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard ship.

While Israeli officials refused to comment on the attack on Saviz, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mentioned Iran’s hostile behavior in of the region, stressing that he would not tolerate deterrence.

A series of attacks

It is worth noting that this attack is the most recent in a series of attacks is die in Earlier reports on Israeli and Iranian cargo ships since late February have been reported and where die Accuse attackers of mutual responsibility.

These facts began after US President Joe Biden took office in January and pledged to rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the major world powers, from which his predecessor Donald Trump would withdraw if Tehran returned to himself to fully adhere to it die Agreement.

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