Israel: Hezbollah could drag the region in war if not limited

The Israeli delegate to the United Nations announced on Wednesday that Lebanese Hezbollah could drag the region in war if its activities are not limited.

Gilad Erdan said through his Twitter account that Iran continues to try to transform itself in a nuclear state, adding: “Tehran spreads terrorism and instability in the region and in the world”.

Israeli broadcaster Kan revealed two days ago that Israel had warned the United States during closed-door talks that Iran was close to becoming a country with the capabilities to manufacture a nuclear weapon.

He also said that “this message was conveyed during several talks by Israeli officials, including Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and Defense Minister Benny Gantz, with their American counterparts.”

Iranian negotiations

And Israeli state television quoted a political official as saying: “Something has to happen regarding negotiations with Iran … This border cannot be the time. in which Iran is rapidly advancing towards status in which becomes a nuclear state “.

Israel: Hezbollah could drag the region in war if not limited

Part of the nuclear negotiations in Vienna

Interestingly, Iran and the United States are in indirect negotiations to revive the nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers, which imposed restrictions on Iranian nuclear activities in change of the lifting of the international sanctions imposed on him.

The Vienna talks, which began in April, are now in stalled and should have resumed in early July. Diplomats on both sides said significant differences remain and each side wanted the other to make more concessions before talks resume.

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