Israel hits Hamas targets in Gaza in response to rocket fire

Israeli plane hit a series of goals in the Gaza Strip begin Monday in response to rocket launches out of the Hamas-ruled area. It was the third night in a row of fighting between the two sides, even as Israel’s foreign minister tried to dangle incentives for calm.

Tensions rose after that last to soften escape from an Israeli prison by means of six Palestinian prisoners, as well as struggling Egypt’s efforts to hold up a long-term-fire in the wake of an 11-day war last Can.

the Israeli military reported at the end of Sunday and begin Monday three separate rocket launches, met at least two of they were intercepted by his missile defense system. In response, it said it had attacked a number of Hamas targets. There were no notifications of victims on of side.


Israeli police check auto’s with Palestinian workers as they search for two Palestinians who broke out of An maximum-safety prison last week, on a road leading to the city in the West Bank of jenin, in near Gan Ner Israel, Sunday September 12, 2021. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

The Israeli minister of Foreign Affairs Yair Lapid on Sunday called for An new approach to end the cycle of fight with Hamas, describing a plan of international investment in Gaza’s infrastructure in stock exchange for Busy on Hamas stops it military build and maintain peace.

“The policy Israel has chased up so far not substantial changed the situation,” Lapid said during a speech at Reichman University, north of Tel-Aviv.

“We need change direction,” he added.

A lot of over his proposal – which he said was… made in consultation with the United States and others countries – has been suggested but never implemented due to the fighting, deep distrust and bitter internal divisions on both sides. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, die Lapid needs to be replaced in 2023 under a rotation agreement, not immediately comment on the proposal.

In the latest violence, Hamas fired rockets at Israel die were shot down at the Iron Dome of the country defense system, the military said, adding that fighter jets have a military post belonging to Hamas. Inside hours, the army reported a stabbing attack at the Gush Etzion Junction, south of Bethlehem.

Over the weekend, Israel caught four of the six Palestinian prisoners, who tunnelled out of An maximumsafety prison on 6 Sept. Palestinian militants reacted with rocket ship fire. Israel’s quest for the last two prisoners continues.


Meanwhile, Egypt-brokered attempts at a long-term ceasefire have struggled with the parties disagree on An system to make Qatari payments to needy families in Gaza to renew. Israel has demanded guarantees that Hamas will money for military use.

Gaza is an impoverished area whose population consists largely of of families who escaped of were forced out of properties in what is Israel now during the war on the settlement of Israel? in 1948.

Hamas is pushing for Israel to end a crippling blockade die devastated the Gaza Strip economy, while Israel demands that Hamas release two captured Israeli burgers release and the remains of two dead Israeli soldiers.

Hamas has controlled Gaza since it expelled the troops of the internationally recognized Palestinian Authority in 2007, a year after the Islamic militant group won Palestinian parliamentary elections.


Since then, Israel and Hamas have fought four wars and countless smaller ones rounds of fight.

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