Israel: in able to target Iranian nuclear facilities

In light of heightened uncertainty over Iran’s return to the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers due to protracted negotiations in deadlock, the past two years have seen Israeli statements on military attacks on Tehran’s nuclear sites.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz reiterated Israel’s ability to carry out operations against nuclear facilities in Iran, stressing that his country must continue to enhance this capacity, as reported by the newspaper “The Times of Israel “.

Gantz added on Wednesday that Israel has reached readiness and has more capabilities to develop and has long-term operations, noting that it does not want to provide further clarification on this.

“stall tactic”

The Israeli defense minister also said his country has the ability to cause severe damage to and delay Iran’s nuclear program, describing the resumption of the nuclear deal with Iran as a “procrastination tactic”.

Israeli officials have repeatedly stressed that all of their options are on the table to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. And last August Benny Gantz announced that his country should prepare for unilateral military action against Iran’s nuclear program.

attack on Iran

On the fifth of this month, former Israeli settlements minister Tzachi Hanegbi suggested that his country would launch an attack on Iran during the rule that is expected to be formed by Benjamin Netanyahu in his next term.

Interestingly, several attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities have been attributed to Israel, with a report last May that a drone targeted the sensitive Parchin facility southeast of Tehran, where Iran is developing missile technology and drones.

An Israeli air strike in Iran caused severe damage to the country’s drone network last February, with several estimates pointing to the destruction of hundreds of them.

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