Israel invades Jenin … Clash and two Palestinian officers killed قتل

Israel Defense Forces have today, Thursday, die City of Jenin in the occupied West Bank was raided, leading to a clash with Palestinian security forces and an exchange of fire resulted in the killing of two Palestinian officers and the serious injury of a third person. according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Palestinian intelligence also stated that the two people killed were members of its armed forces, Captain Tayseer Absa and Lieutenant Adham Alawi. He added that they were killed in an armed clash with an Israeli special forces unit, die in die Invaded the city.

America’s plea to put pressure on Israel

For its part, the Palestinian Presidency condemned this dangerous Israeli escalation and warned of its consequences. President’s spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh said that die Continuation of the occupation practices and their ongoing violations of the rights of the Palestinian people, their attacks and daily killings, die last today in Jenin happened and her violation of the rules of international law will create tension and a dangerous escalation.

He demanded die US government also to “pressurize Israel to stop its aggression, thereby doing so die Things do not reach an uncontrollable state “.

Israel invades Jenin … Clash and two Palestinian officers killed قتل

West Bank – AFP

no comment

On the other hand there was die Israeli army did not comment on the incident.

It is noteworthy that Israel frequently raids sites in the West Bank, regularly targeting Palestinian militants but rarely clashing with the Palestinian Authority security forces.

But last month there was in all parts of the West Bank a state of high tension, in Solidarity with the problem of the Sheikh Jarrah district in Jerusalem and the storm up die Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Several mixed Israeli cities including Jews and Arabs (die so-called Palestinians of the interior), witnessed confrontations, clashes and acts of violence against the background of the expulsion of Palestinians from “Sheikh Jarrah”.

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