Israel promises a tough response against tanker attackers … and Washington is concerned

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid promised a tough response to The attack on the Israeli ship In the Arabian Sea, the United States of America expressed concern about the incident.

Lapid said on Friday that Iran is not just Israel’s problem, it is a global problem because it exports terrorism that harms the whole world.

For its part, a US State Department spokesman confirmed Friday that the United States was “deeply concerned” by the attack on an Israeli-run oil tanker off the coast of the Sultanate of Oman.

The spokesperson, Galina Porter, noted that Washington is working with its international partners to reveal the facts surrounding the target, adding, “We are also very concerned about the reports and are closely monitoring the situation,” Porter said. in a press conference.

The Pentagon: The attack was carried out by a drone

For its part, the US military announced in a statement that the US naval forces responded to the distress call made by the crew of an oil tanker operated by the company “Zodiac Maritime” which was attacked off the coast of the Sultanate of Oman, and found prove preliminaries that “clearly indicate” a drone attack.

The U.S. military said in its statement that the U.S. Navy responded to a distress call to assist the crew and was in able to see the prove of an attack.

The statement added that the initial results “clearly indicate” an attack similar to the style of attacks by a drone.

He explained that US Navy ships escorted the tanker, on which American personnel boarded to provide assistance.

Israel promises a tough response against tanker attackers … and Washington is concerned

Israeli intelligence: “Several drones”

The New York Times quoted an Israeli intelligence official as saying: The attack on an Israeli ship in the Arabian Sea may have been carried out by several Iranian drones.

The official added that the attack indicates that Iran is expanding its naval operations in the region and that Tehran is using the sea to respond to attacks Israel is believed to have launched against Iran and its allies on the ground.

Israeli-owned Zodiac Maritime said in a statement that an attack on an oil tanker operating off Oman on Thursday killed two crew members, one British and one Romanian.

There are several interpretations of what happened to the Mercer Street oil tanker: The Zodiac Company described it as a suspected piracy incident, while a source from the Oman Maritime Security Center described it as an incident outside of the territorial waters of Oman.

Iran and Israel have accused each other of attacking ships from the two countries in recent months.

European and US sources familiar with intelligence reports said Iran was the main suspect in the incident, which a US defense official said appeared to have been carried out by a drone, but the sources pointed out that governments they were still looking prove concrete.

And i media Iranians in Arabic language cited unidentified sources according to which the attack on the ship took place in response to a suspected Israeli attack at the Syrian airport of Dabaa.

There has been no official reaction from Iran to the accusation that it may be responsible for the attack.

Israeli news site Ynet said the ratings in course in Israel indicates that there have been two attacks on the ship, separated by a few hours. The first did not cause any damage, but the second hit the command and control room, causing the two victims.

“It will be difficult for Israel to turn a blind eye” to the attack, an unnamed Israeli official said.

Zodiac Maritime is owned by the wealthy Israeli Ofer family.

Zodiac said the tanker is currently sailing under the control of its crew and is self-propelled, and is heading to a safe location, escorted by the United States Navy.

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