Israel quits die Assassination of two Palestinians under the pretext of an attack in the West Bank

There was on Friday die Israeli police announced that two Palestinians were killed and a third seriously wounded under the pretext of an attempted shooting attack in the occupied West Bank.

A police spokesman said in a statement: “Recently, three attackers came to the gate of a border guard base in Salem north of Jenin and fired at the basistor with Carlo weapons. “

“The border police and soldiers of the Israeli army reacted decisively and professionally,” added the spokesman, noting that two of the attackers were killed and the third seriously injured.

The police stated that “the third attacker received first aid immediately” and “in critical condition ” in was taken to an Israeli hospital.
The identity of the Palestinians was not immediately known.

This attack is coming In the midst of a tense atmosphere in East Jerusalem And the occupied West Bank.

On Wednesday, a young Israeli died of wounds a few days earlier in the West Bank, die suffered from Palestinian bullets.

On the same day, according to Palestinian sources, a 16-year-old Palestinian boy was killed by sharp bullets, die Fired by the Israeli army.

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