Israel: renewed clashes between police and Jewish extremists over “smartphones” in Jerusalem

Clashes between Israeli police and Jewish militants protesting against the sale of smartphones in Jerusalem are resuming.

Dozens of ultra-Orthodox Jews gathered in front of telephone shops in the Juula neighborhood in central Jerusalem. The police said, according to the official Israeli channel “Kan”, that the demonstrators had closed traffic in the place, and were trying to attack and damage the phone shops.

And last week Israeli police used the means to disperse protesters, in front of dozens of haredim who gathered in front of a smartphone shop, to protest the sale of phones that violate the Jewish faith, according to their perception. .

At the time, police said that a commercial shop located in the area was damaged, pointing out that they had arrested 6 suspects of rioting and violation of order. The novelty is that the Haredi public (Orthodox Jews) use “kosher phones”, ie “halal”, which the Rabbinical Committee has approved to use, which do not have features present in most smartphones such as Internet access, a camera , listen to radio and music and play games. Send and receive text messages (SMS). The haredim lead a strict lifestyle and at the end of 2019, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the haredim made up about 12% of the total population in Israel and about 15% of the Jewish population in Israel.