Israel starts vaccinating children against the Crown from the age of 5

Israel has for the first time allowed the use of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine for at-risk children aged 5 to 11, as cases of the highly contagious delta variant have increased dramatically.

Additionally, Israeli officials said, young children should receive the vaccination if they have a high chance of becoming seriously ill or dying from corona due to underlying conditions such as severe obesity, chronic lung disease, weak immunity, or heart failure, according to the Journal. of Wall Street.

individual approvals

The health ministry said each individual case will require special approval and children will be given a lower dose of the vaccine – 10 micrograms instead of the usual 30 micrograms.

Pfizer is testing a 10 microgram dose for children between the ages of 5 and 11, but has yet to release clinical data.

He said he expects to get the results of the studio in September, when he expects to ask the US Food and Drug Administration to authorize the use of the vaccine for this age group.

Israel starts vaccinating children against the Crown from the age of 5

Pfizer vaccine

An unprecedented step

Israel’s move on Tuesday, the first of its kind in the world with the company’s approval, comes after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration raised the minimum number of young children who must undergo prove for the current Corona vaccine to better detect any side effects.

There media of new coronavirus cases in Israel in seven days rose to over 1,400 on Tuesday, up from around 10 in the first half of June.

The total number of severe cases is 138. More than 80% of the adult population in Israel was fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine.

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