Israel tests the anti-ballistic missile system

The Israeli Defense Ministry said today, Tuesday, that it has completed a test planned aircraft of the “Arrow” weapon system and which will release more details on the test during the day.

Israel said last year it was developing a new ballistic missile shield, the Arrow-4, with the United States.

And its “Arrow-2” and “Arrow-3” interceptor missile systems are already operating as part of a multilayer system to destroy missiles. in I arrive in the atmosphere and in space.

It is reported that the more advanced “Arrow-3” version was successfully tested for the first time in February 2018, after months of delays and technical problems.

The Arrow-3 system represents the top tier of Israel’s multilevel missile defense network, which includes a number of other missile defense systems designed to protect Israel from short, medium and long range attacks.

Developed in A joint Israeli-American program, the system is designed to fire ICBMs out of the atmosphere, destroying projectiles and their nuclear, biological, chemical or conventional warheads near their launch sites.

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