Israel The army is speeding up preparations for a possible attack in Iran

Today, Sunday, i media Jews reported that the Israeli army command is taking action in view of a possible recourse to a scenario Military attack on the Iranian nuclear program.

Israel Army Radio reported that Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi instructed the military to speed up preparations for a possible attack in Iran.

The radio indicated that the Israeli Air Force, as part of these preparations, has made changes to the training and qualification programs of pilots and navigators, explaining that these changes concern the advanced stages of those training programs.

And it seems that the exchange of veiled messages of threat between Israel and Iran will not stop: after the Knesset Finance Committee approved a budget defense surcharge of about NIS 9 billion (about $ 2.9 billion), in preparation of a possible military action against Tehran, the two Most military leaders in Iran announced loosely conducted maneuvers from its country this week to put in Tel Aviv guard.

Amid Iranian fears of possible Israeli plans to target nuclear sites on its soil, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia revealed on Friday that the maneuvers included launching ballistic and cruise missiles.

Hossein Salami, in statements broadcast on state television, he believed that these maneuvers had been carried out to send a warning message, while the Chief of Staff of the Iranian Army, Mohammad Bagheri, said that 16 ballistic missiles of different models were launched simultaneously and destroyed predetermined targets.

While Britain condemned the launch of ballistic missiles during maneuvers, and the British Foreign Office claimed in a statement that these actions posed a threat to regional and international security, urging Iran to stop its activities immediately.

It is noteworthy that i media Jews confirmed that the Knesset Finance Committee approved, last Thursday, a budget in the context of secret elements aimed at preparing military action.

Information indicated that this step comes amid reports that Israel is preparing contingency plans for military action against Iran in case of failure of diplomatic efforts to curtail its nuclear program, according to the daily “Israel Hayom”.

Interestingly, Israel has long threatened military action if diplomacy fails to prevent Tehran from acquiring a nuclear bomb.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz has called on world powers not to allow Iran to buy time in nuclear negotiations, which have stalled at Iran’s request and are expected to resume next Monday.

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