Israel .. The deadline has passed and Netanyahu will die Do not form government

In the midst of the country’s crisis, the office of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin resigned in issued a statement that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu die Presidency informed shortly before midnight of his inability to form a government.

Netanyahu’s mandate to form a government expired on Wednesday, like die Announced the presidency. This must now choose a different personality in order to get the country out of the political crisis or die To extend the deadline by a further two weeks.

Netanyahu, on trial for corruption, received from the Israeli president after the March 23 elections, die die fourth inconclusive election in less than two years ago, a 28-day mandate to form a government.

Speculation failed

During Netanyahu’s Likud Party die largest number of seats in the Knesset won, die Includes 120 seats die Results that it is not easy to get a parliamentary majority of 61 seats.

It is noteworthy that die Israeli media in have been full of speculation about possible deals for the past four weeks die Netanyahu could renew his record of 12 consecutive years in power.

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