Israel: The violent regime in Iran shouldn’t do business with it

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett stressed Thursday that the violent regime that elected Ibrahim Raisi as Iranian President should not do business with him.

It came after a number of lawyers and former inmates testified today, Thursday, about the newly elected President of Iran, Ibrahim Raisi, and his role in the 1988 massacre of thousands of political prisoners.

Survivors of this massacre also gave live testimony against Raisi, emphasizing that he was rewarded for his role in these executions. They believed that he was running for elections to rescue Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei from his crises.

Bennett had said a few days ago die Election of the new Iranian president is a wake-up call for die big countries.

In his statements on Sunday, at the beginning of the weekly government meeting, he emphasized, as the Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent reported, that the Iranian people had not elected him, in in reference to die low turnout in the country’s presidential elections.

Israel: The violent regime in Iran shouldn’t do business with it

Ibrahim Raisi


He added: “Khamenei voted for him, not the Iranian people. He did this in Notorious to the eyes of the Iranian people and the world for his role in selected the death committee, die executed opponents of the regime years ago. “

He looked at die Choosing Raisi also as “the last wake-up call.” die World “and to avoid a revival of the nuclear deal with Iran. In a briefing from the government, he said, die World powers should die Rethink talks on a new nuclear deal with Tehran after an important election.

It is noteworthy that die Israel’s new government has announced that it will oppose a revival of the 2015 nuclear deal between the major powers and their arch-rival Iran.

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