Israel threatens to hit Beirut airport because of Iran. A newspaper reveals it

The newspaper “Times of Israel” revealed Thursday that Tel Aviv suspects a new Iranian attempt to smuggle weapons through Beirut International Airport, with the help of “Miraj” airline, which recently started operating direct flights between Tehran and the Lebanese capital.

He added that the report, broadcast by Israeli TV channel 12, indicated that Tel Aviv is investigating Tehran’s attempt to establish a corridor for arms smuggling on civilian flights on the company’s planes to Beirut.

He also indicated that thinking about the possible new smuggling route came as a result of Israeli attempts to thwart attempts to transport Iranian weapons through the Syrian capital, Damascus.

He also added that Israel has threatened to launch attacks on Beirut airport to hinder the delivery of arms shipments, as it has in precedence in Damascus.

November 14th

Interestingly, sources told Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath last Thursday that Iran’s Miraj Airlines, linked to the Revolutionary Guards, operates flights to Beirut airport.

And he indicated that the Iranian company’s flights to Lebanon could carry sensitive weapons and equipment to Hezbollah, underlining that the exploitation of Beirut airport to transport Iranian weapons in Lebanon would hurt the Lebanese economy.

He also added that the first flight of the Iranian company Miraj to Beirut airport was on November 14th.


He also stressed that Israel fears Beirut airport would join the arms smuggling route from Iran to Lebanon.

While he added that the flights of the Iranian company Miraj land weekly at the international airport of Damascus.

The son of a Hezbollah leader

Interestingly, Tel Aviv had accused Hezbollah of transporting weapons from Iran to Lebanon via “civilian flights” that landed at Damascus International Airport.

Last May, Israeli military spokesman Avichai Adraee revealed in post on Twitter that an arms transfer route was being run by the son of a Hezbollah leader.

He also clarified that the leader “has taken advantage of his high position and the infrastructure of the Lebanese state to help his son transfer strategic weapons from Iran to Hezbollah.”

He also stressed that “to ensure confidentiality, weapons are being flown on civilian flights from Iran to Damascus International Airport, exposing civilians to imminent danger.”

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