Israel: We are working with Washington to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon

The Defense Minister of the new Israeli government, Benny Gantz, reiterated die Position of his country on the possession of a nuclear weapon by Iran.

He stressed that Tel Aviv will continue to work and coordinate with Washington to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

In a tweet posted on his Twitter account last Monday evening, he also added that during his meeting with the American envoy for Israel Michael Ratney, he stressed that his country would continue its efforts with its allies to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons, and die necessary discussions on this topic will take place behind closed doors.

Bad nuclear deal

And the new Israeli foreign minister, Yair Lapid, confirmed yesterday that his country “does everything in Those in power will do “to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Lapid, too in who will be Deputy Prime Minister for two years, considered the nuclear agreement signed with Tehran to be “bad” when his outgoing predecessor Gabi Ashkenazi took office yesterday.

Israel: We are working with Washington to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon

A photo of the meeting was posted by Gantz on his Twitter account

It is noteworthy that Tel Aviv has always confirmed that it will not hesitate to die Preventing the Iranian authorities from acquiring a nuclear weapon in various ways. This point is a common postulate for all governments in Israel, regardless of their affiliation or composition.

US President Joe Biden on Sunday congratulated the new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who has been in power after twelve years die Successor to Benjamin Netanyahu.

He also pointed out that during the phone conversation they had agreed to die Iranian nuclear files and die to coordinate regional files.

And earlier this month (June), the US Department of Defense confirmed that it would continue to support Israel to address the Iranian threats. The Deputy Secretary of Defense Dana Strol emphasized at the time that die The policy of President Joe Biden’s administration in the Middle East today is based on calm and confrontation with the bad behavior of Tehran.

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