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Israel: We will continue to work with world powers on any nuclear deal with Iran


Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said on Monday that Israel will work with world powers to influence any deals that may emerge from its nuclear negotiations with Iran.

“With the planned or potential resumption of nuclear talks, we will continue to work with the United States and other countries to clarify our position and influence the wording of the deal … if a deal is reached,” Gantz told reporters.

Confirming what was revealed last week about the existence of an air defense alliance with unspecified regional partners, Gantz said, “There are additional (cooperation) dimensions in the field of operations,” without specifying the details.

Gantz said on Sunday that Iran’s nuclear talks policy is determined by the government, not the security forces, after a newspaper reported that senior generals are in favor of Tehran reaching a deal with world powers.

The government makes the decisions

Gantz said on Twitter that although the Israeli security services have a voice in chapter on Iranian politics, “it is the government that makes the decisions”.

He continued: “We will continue to have a broad and frank dialogue, but only behind closed doors. Any other method harms the security of the State of Israel.”

An Israeli military spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the newspaper’s report.

Gantz’s reprimand also seemed to be directed at Mossad, which according to the newspaper was opposed to any new Iranian nuclear deal.

The European Union and Iran agreed on Saturday to resume nuclear negotiations immediately after they had been frozen for weeks. This has happened in one moment in which Israel is witnessing political turmoil after Prime Minister Naftali Bennett called for early elections.

Israel is not a party to the negotiations, but its fears about the outcome of the negotiations and its repeated threats to take unilateral military action against Iran have their weight in Western capitals.

Gantz did not comment on the announcement by the European Union and Iran to resume negotiations soon, and neither did Bennett comment on them, despite the presence of reporters. in what could be his last cabinet meeting today, as he is expected to resign this week and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid takes a stand.

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